Our Promise

MicrophonePangea Music Inc. has been a dynamic force in the art of sound design, editing, and mixing for almost 10 years. With many award winning projects being treated to our quality sound services in sound and sound effects editing, the facility has established itself at the forefront of the industry. Pangea Music Inc. has all the tools to meet your post-production audio needs.


The Offer

MicrophoneWe have an abundance of great sound solutions and are excited to share them with our clients. If you have an audio conundrum and are at a dead end with regards how to realize your creative desires, feel free to contact us with your issue and let us see what we can do.

We fully realize that the secret to happiness is in listening to the needs of our clients and making their vision a vivid reality, so that is the yardstick with which we measure our level of service.

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For general inquiries, contact Pangea Music Inc. Please, no inquiries regarding employment or internships.For all other inquiries, please visit our FAQ page.

Sound Services

Pangea Music Inc. provides an array of specialized sound services for your needs. The list of services include:

  • Sound Design - we have a vast sound library of effects and background ambiences to help bring that professional Hollywood finish to your film or show.
  • Dialog Editing - we have the software and hardware to optimize your production sound track and give it that sparkling professional movie sound.
  • ADR - need dialogue re-recorded IN SYNC? not a problem. We are renound for our highly accurate ADR sessions and our capacity to seemlessly meld the re-takes with production takes.
  • Foley - we can provide fully professional foley sound tracks for M&E mixing that will perfect your film.
  • Music - through our network of composers, music editors, and music supervisors, we can provide custom scoring for your project at an affordable budget, while handling your music editing needs and music supervision needs. Our custom music library is also available to clients to meet their music needs.
  • Mixing - whether it is a music CD, a TV series, or a feature film, we can generate stereo, pro-logic, Dolby 5.1 and DTS mixes to the highest professional standard with our experienced mixers.