Music & Scoring

Through our network of composers, music editors, and music supervisors, we can provide custom scoring for your project at an affordable budget, while handling your music editing needs and music supervision needs.

Music Scoring
The music, can be a voice within a script. It can accentuate or soften a character or situation not to mention gentle or forcefully guide an audience to any place the director desires. Whether it is original score, or our custom production music library, we are capable of meeting all your music needs - from electronic to symphonic.

Music Editing
Music Editors are an essential part of all successful music teams. From seamlessly integrating changes to a composers score, to perfecting the edit of songs placed throughout a movie, the music editor removes potential pitfalls and contribes to the artistic vision of the soundtrack.

Music Supervision
The music supervisors primary responsiblity is to select and license music for the production. At Pangea Music, we believe a music supervisor can compliment a composers vision for the musical tone of the movie and through a music editor, their joint vision comes to life.

For general inquiries, contact Pangea Music Inc. For a full list of music credits, please visit our Credits page.